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Songwriter, Producer, Performer

In the Greek myth of Cassandra, a mortal woman is punished by Apollo after having refused the oracular god’s romantic and sexual advances. Some versions of the story say she accepted certain gifts or offers and then went back on her word. Regardless, in all of her days following that on which she made the decision to reject Apollo, she lived under the curse of having prophetic knowledge and never being believed. She told the truth about things to come and she was dismissed and called crazy. My inspiration for this piece has come from this myth and how it may be interpreted allegorically as a parallel to the way women are treated when they report instances of sexual assault and the more general distrust of women in Western society. In my composition, I intended not only to communicate this message through the lyrics, but also in the way I structured and manipulated the musical elements. I wanted there to be a sonic event that preceded the rest to create the effect of a consequential action and I chose to do so with accentuated percussion and a change in tempo. I tried to think about spatial placement and the experience of feeling overtaken by thoughts and the frustration that comes from being ignored and discredited. I also chopped up the vocals and used effects to suggest the idea of a disjointed story and the potential for things to be misunderstood, taken out of context, or turned to a deaf ear.

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